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  • Recieve weekly emails to begin learning healthy lifestyle habits. Select from three categories: Body, Mind and Soul. Select weekly goals.
  • Build confidence, muscle strength, tone and definition and burn calories all while having fun in our wide array of group fitness classes!
  • Learn fundamental fitness skills and discuss your goals with a TEAM WFOB personal trainer.
  • View your calories and effort level in real time with the purchase of a MYZONE belt at WFOB during your 30 day trial. 
  • Download the LOSEIT app for free and track food, workouts and more to help you reach your health and wellness goals!
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Client Testimonials

"I never expected to find a gym that I actually looked forward to going to after work each day. It is a place for women of ALL fitness levels. I was nervous to join a gym at first because I hadn’t exercised in so long, but any reservations or self-consciousness I had went right out the door upon meeting the friendly staff, instructors and members. I only wish I made myself join years ago!"


"Love Women’s Fitness of Boston. I take their lunch time classes & I couldn’t ask for more. The classes are fun, effective & flexible for the work day. I wish I signed up sooner!"


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