42-Day Get Healthy Challenge

Women's Fitness of Boston is seeking 10 women who are ready to make a change!  

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Receive a FREE 3-month workout guide created by Women's Fitness of Boston Owner and NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist! 

Julie reveals WFOB's Method for Lifelong Health and Wellness in the video below! 

  • Women's Fitness of Boston, is an all women’s fitness full service fitness club committed to helping women learn healthy habits to last a lifetime. 
  • Our goal is to help women implement healthy habits for a lifetime both mentally and physically!

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Here Are the Details:

  • When is it? Starting Monday, September 9th
  • Where is it? Women's Fitness of Boston, 27 School Street, Boston, MA 02108 617-227-1221
  • Who's doing it? YOU and 9 other amazing, like-minded women! Space is limited! 
  • What's it all about? A 42-Day journey to a better, healthier, more confident you!

Your journey begins in...


How much does the 42-day Get Healthy Challenge cost?

$47 down with 6-weekly payments of $87  

  • Earn Cash Back Weekly just for attending Group Personal Training Sessions!  
  • Earn WFOB E-Gift Card Credits Weekly for attending Group Fitness Classes! 

During The 42-day Get Healthy Challenge Receive:

  • A Designated Women's Fitness of Boston Personal Coach. Have questions answered about your health and fitness abilities, you will also chose your schedule and eating preferences.

  • Complete Assessment. Have your measurements taken, discuss your exercise history, nutrition, body composition and physical endurance with your WFOB personal coach to learn what changes need to be made to attain your personal goals. 

  • Customized 6-week Online Resistance Training Program. During your assessment, you and your WFOB personal coach will create a customized online resistance training program, both printable, mobile-friendly, and trackable, that includes workout videos of every exercise to ensure proper form and technique to maximize results.

  • Cash Back on Weekly Payments. Earn cash back and discounts for participation in weekly sessions. Attend Group Personal Training Sessions and save up to $10 per week on your weekly payment! CLICK HERE for the GPT (Group Personal Training) session schedule. 

  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes. Plus earn money every time you attend a Group Fitness Class! Take advantage of the wide variety of Group Fitness Classes at WFOB with classes like Yoga, Strengh & Conditioning, to Strong by Zumba and earn $5 credit for every class attended towards a WFOB E-Gift Card (up to $60) to use on membership/personal training options upon successfully completing the challenge.

  • Signature Nutrition Coaching. Download the free Loseit! app or upgrade to Premium access on the LoseIt! app with our coupon code. You will also have access to online nutrition tips and customized meal plans within the WFOB software . 

  • Motivation to keep you Accountable. Weekly progress tracking with your Women's Fitness of Boston Personal Coach. Earn cash back weekly just for attending Group Personal Training Sessions. Plus earn WFOB E-Gift Card Credits weekly for attending Group Fitness Classes! 

  • Stay Motivated. Track your results with MYZONE at WFOB. You can purchase a MZ-3 belt directly from the WFOB website at an already discounted price ($99.99, reg. $149.99), CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

  • Unlimited Group Personal Training. Attend classes that meet your personal schedule and preferences. Plus save up to $10 per week on your payment!

  • Unlimited Club Access. Enjoy unlimited club usage and ameneties like bath towel service, showers/lockers and complimentary hand towels.

Fine Details: All classes must be booked within the WFOB software 24 hours in advance and must be attended by client during the 42-Day Get Healthy Challenge for discounts/credits to apply. Existing WFOB members may apply WFOB E-Gift Card Credits towards Personal Training Packages and/or Membership Dues. Team Functional Training Sessions and Pay Classes are excluded from the 42-Day Get Healthy Challenge.  







Angela & Maria

Client Testimonials

"I never expected to find a gym that I actually looked forward to going to after work each day. It is a place for women of ALL fitness levels. I was nervous to join a gym at first because I hadn’t exercised in so long, but any reservations or self-consciousness I had went right out the door upon meeting the friendly staff, instructors and members. I only wish I made myself join years ago!" - Emily

"Love Women’s Fitness of Boston. I take their lunch time classes & I couldn’t ask for more. The classes are fun, effective & flexible for the work day. I wish I signed up sooner!" - Gia

"So happy I found this place! The times that I usually go the gym doesn't have a lot of people which is nice to go through your workout and not have to wait for a machine. Great staff. Clean gym." - Emma

"My trainer was Melanie, and I like to tell people that she wasn't only my trainer, but also my spiritual guide. She went above and beyond to make sure that I was healthy physically, but also mentally, and that did a lot for my confidence. I enjoyed the first 10 sessions with her so much that I signed up for 12 more. I also took a Strong by Zumba class and it didn't have anything to do with Zumba, but I loved it all the same. This is a fantastic gym that is well equipped and well-priced for a place in downtown Boston." - Sara

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