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Enjoy 20% off The Vitamin Shoppe® family of brands* plus 10% off most other brands!

The Vitamin Shoppe® exists to help people become their best selves, however they define it. Explore high-quality proteins, pre-workouts, and more to make workouts work harder. Plus, vitamins, supplements, and healthy weight support that fits your lifestyle.

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or email The Vitamin Shoppe’s Customer Care team at and be sure to mention Women’s Fitness of Boston (WFOB).

Disclaimer: WFOB members and trainers must sign up for the program to activate their account. Once in the program participants will automatically receive the discount when shopping in stores and will receive a unique and reusable coupon code to receive the discount when shopping online. Discounts may not be combined with any other discounts or promotions, or applied to prior purchases, gift cards, or reoccurring orders under The Vitamin Shoppe® AUTO DELIVERY program.

*When you enroll in the Healthy Awards® Partnership program, upon verification of eligibility you will receive 20% off all The Vitamin Shoppe® private label brand products (including The Vitamin Shoppe®, BodyTech®, BodyTech® Elite, Plnt®, fitfactor Weight Management System™, fitfactor KETO™, Probiocare®, Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe™, and True Athlete® brands) and 10% off most other brands.

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